Panic Button

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A silent remote alarm used to alert security personnel located at a distance of the need for help in managing a violent patient
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Other than that, though, it is hard to envisage any reason for hitting the panic button, yet the hysterical reaction Down Under to a mixed tour of the Caribbean would have you believe that Steve Waugh's side are going to struggle against Scotland, never mind Pakistan.
There's a lot of games to be played so it's too early for me to be hitting the panic button.
Peterhead boss Ian Wilson said: "We were second best in every department but I'm not hitting the panic button yet - we lost our first three last season and turned it around.
I wasn't hitting the panic button because I know full well what our players are capable of and thankfully they're starting to show that now.
GRAHAM HENRY accused the British Lions of hitting the panic button after they blew their unbeaten tour record.
There is plenty for us to ponder but we won't be hitting the panic button," said Strauss.
The German's triumph also leaves Henman sweating on a seeding slot for Wimbers, but he insisted: "There's no reason to start hitting the panic button.
But after one win in their opening nine games, Upson said: "We're not hitting the panic button.