Fluorescence of the tissues under exposure to ultraviolet rays following the injection of a fluorescent substance or as a result of a natural fluorescing substance.
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Neuroprotection was examined by neuronal nuclear antigen immunohistochemistry and Fluoro-Jade B histofluorescence staining.
To investigate neuronal damage/death in the hippocampal CA1 area 5 days after TGCI, neuronal nuclear antigen (NeuN, a marker for neurons) immunohistochemistry and Fluoro-Jade B (F-J B, a high-affinity fluorescent marker for neuronal degeneration) histofluorescence staining were performed according to our method.
The neuroprotective effect of GLE against TGCI in the hippocampus was examined 5 days after TGCI using NeuN immunohistochemistry and F-J B histofluorescence staining.
Catecholamine histofluorescence in the median eminence of female rabbits activated by mating.
Fiekers: Muscarinic transmission decrease the number of SIF cells demonstrating catecholamine histofluorescence in rat superior cervical ganglia.
Extending what was previously reported on the basis of histofluorescence qualitative measurements (Paparelli et al.
These original findings did not address the functional relevance of an increased myocardial histofluorescence, leaving open the question of whether this was accompanied by increased NA release.
Wattenberg and Leong [2] developed histofluorescence techniques which could quantitate BP metabolism in extrahepatic tissues before Nebert and Gelboin [3] described the most commonly used in vitro assay for AHH.
Neuronal damage using fluoro-Jade B histofluorescence and gliosis in the gerbil septum submitted to various durations of cerebral ischemia.
Many cells exhibiting TH-LIR and aldehyde-induced histofluorescence were present in the propodium of the foot.
Aqueous aldehyde (Faglu) histofluorescence for catecholamines in 2 [[micro]meter] sections using polyethylene glycol embedding.
Ultrastructural and histofluorescence work on these congeners has demonstrated the presence of organized microvilli and retinal proteins within the lumen of the optic cups (Eakin and Brandenburger, 1979; Penn and Alexander, 1980; Takasu and Yoshida, 1983).