histamine blocking agent

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histamine blocking agent

a substance that interferes with stimulation of cells by histamine, which is a substance produced by nearby cells to cause, among other things, inflammation and acid release in the stomach.


(his'ta-min) (-men)
C5H9N3; a substance produced from the amino acid histidine, which causes dilation of blood vessels, increased secretion of acid by the stomach, smooth muscle constriction (e.g., in the bronchi), and mucus production, tissue swelling, and itching (during allergic reactions). The release of histamine from mast cells is a major component of type I hypersensitivity reactions, including asthma.

histamine blocking agent


histamine phosphate

Water-soluble colorless crystals, sometimes called histamine acid phosphate or histamine diphosphate. It was used in the past to determine the acid-secreting power of the stomach.