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Having or resembling fine hairs; term describing the filamentous protein polysaccharide coating of microvilli. See: glycocalyx.
[L. hirtus, hairy, shaggy]
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Adaxial matte surface to subnitid, glabrous or slightly hirtellous on midrib, abaxial surface with the midrib, and sometimes lateral veins as well, most of which are slightly are puberulent or hirtellous and also with coarse, subapressed hairs, very densely tomentose, petiole 0.
2(-5) dm, the lowermost part scaly, smooth, the leaves of midculm longest; sheaths tubular-cylindric, rather loosely investing the culms and often overlapping, multicostate, hirsute, the Iigular orifice scarious, oblique, ciliate, pale brown; larger leaf blades narrowly linear, as cending or spreading, to 19 cm long but usually much shorter, rarely broader than 6 mm, attenuate from near the base to the slender apex, smooth to sparsely or copiously hirtellous with weak, translucent hairs, sparingly spreading-ciliate proximally.