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Aquaporin and aquaglyceroporin in silkworms, differently expressed in the hindgut and midgut of Bombyx mori.
Hodomastigitoides hartmanni is about evenly distributed through the hindgut (Lai et al.
DISCUSSION--There was evidence to support our hypothesis that wild boars have digestibilities similar to foregut-fermenting species and higher than smaller hindgut fermenters.
For the hindgut group, it was not possible to construct a reliable ROC curve because of the small number of patients (n = 8).
Because energy is the limiting factor for microbial metabolism in the hindgut, once bacteria utilize all pools of readily fermentable starches and carbohydrates, fermentations become increasingly proteolytic, resulting in overproduction of ammonia and noxious amines [24].
SATB2 is a highly sensitive marker for hindgut well-differentiated neuroendocrine tumors.
Characterization of abundance and diversity of lactic acid bacteria in the hindgut of wood- and soil-feeding termites by molecular and culture-dependent techniques.
A double-edged razor blade was used to subdivide guts into foregut, midgut, forward hindgut, middle hindgut, and rear hindgut as illustrated in Lai et al.
Early embryologic duplication of the hindgut could cause complete duplication of the 2 systems.
Data indicates that lesions in the integument (oral region and appendages), hepatopancreas, midgut, and hindgut were only seen in treated PLs and were not found in the control animals.