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The widest part of the renal hilum on the image section was identified as the central renal hilum level (HL), and the midline of the central renal cortex at this transverse level was identified as the central renal hilum point (HP, Fig.
Absence of hilum and vascular pattern revealed high negative predictive value in differentiation of benign from malignant lymph nodes.
Duct incision (sialodo-choplasty) for anterior stones while gland removal for stones in hilum and gland parenchyma is the adopted treatment modality in our institute.
Conclusions: Ultrasound and color Doppler findings of roundness index, absence of hilum, vascular pattern, and impedance values revealed good PPV, sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy reaching 90% in differentiating benign from malignant lymph nodes.
The abnormal divisions of renal artery at hilum can be associated with
Using the method on the hilum cells, "we showed that cells from the hilum area spread around the whole ovary.
Nuestro analisis demuestra que para el conjunto de especies analizadas, la forma y volumen de la semilla, el patron de ornamentacion dado por las celulas epidermicas en zonas cercanas y lejanas del hilum, y el tipo y ubicacion del hilum, son caracteres relevantes que conducen a una identificacion confiable.
They examined 99 specimens for distinguishable morphological properties including seed size, general shape, hilum shape, hilum location and length.
Las semillas son elipticas, con un hilum grande de mayor tamano (52 [my]m).
The hilum overlay sign is present on a frontal chest radiograph when normal hilar structures can be visualised through a mass, which implies that the mass is either anterior or posterior to the hilum.
25) at neque transferri sibi partes nec tribui uolt/immortale quod est quicquam neque defluere hilum (517-518).
It was concluded that hilum is preferentially located in the center of granule for first and second sources.