high-pass filter

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high-·pass fil·ter

a device or material that allows high frequency signals to pass while attenuating other signals.
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6, to achieve at least 40 dB or higher attenuation in the stop-band of the high-pass filter, the values of capacitors should be selected [C.
On the other side, high-pass filters are the exact opposite of low-pass.
A straightforward way to implement local motion detectors is to apply a complex-valued Gabor receptive field (5) to the video signal u, and then take the derivative of the phase with respect to time or apply a high-pass filter on the phase to approximate the derivative.
The framework of PR-based fault diagnosis approaches for biquad high-pass filter analog circuit can be described in Figure 1, consisting of 2 phases: training of classification algorithm and fault diagnosis.
The size of the dictionary D is 64 x 8, and the cutoff frequency of the high-pass filter fs is 300 Hz, with forgetting factor e= 0.
Write 0lh into CTRL_REG2; // High-pass filter (HPF) enabled with 0.
We also added a high-pass filter to the IJ with WFLC set at 2 Hz for both speed and direction axis.
To eliminate the influence of wave components of lower frequencies on the detected wave, the measured data were filtered with a Gaussian high-pass filter commonly used for the evaluation of material surface roughness (e.
Schiffman, "A Useful High-pass Filter Design," Microwave Journal, Vol.
When a pulse is passed through a high-pass filter, the result is a positive spike at the leading edge and a negative spike at the trailing edge, as shown in Figure 1.
We determined the effects of filtering on elevation localization accuracy for signals presented in front of and behind the head by averaging the perceived elevation of signals presented from each elevation at the 0 [degrees] and 20 [degrees] and the 160 [degrees] and 180 [degrees] azimuths, respectively, for each low- and high-pass filter cutoff frequency.
For example, when the original data are trend stationary, the HP filter operates like a high-pass filter.

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