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With a glossy topcoat, these high gloss labels have a beautiful, upscale look and deliver exceptional text and graphics when printed on the Primera LX900, LX2000 or the older LX800/LX810.
Naturally there should also be market differentiation in the quality assessment of high gloss surfaces.
About the Company: Specialising in high gloss furniture, D Furniture Store provide high-quality furnishing solutions at brilliant prices.
A high gloss finish without the use of fillers, gel coats, or surface treatments
Further processing advantages include a low capillary melt viscosity (lower than high gloss ABS at comparable shear rates), which allows the STYRON A-TECH 1110 to be processed with lower molding pressures.
Pricing for the pivoting and articulating high gloss piano black or high gloss silver models ranges from $449 for to $749.
CHECK OUT: ALNO Grand kitchen system, in a range of over 1,000 colours including high gloss red.
And the spearmint gloss even tastes like one while delivering a high gloss finish to your pout.
2] reduction at equal opacity, a high gloss and reduced haze appearance, reduced VOC levels through resin reduction, mar and scuff resistance, and clarity in clear varnishes.
Bull's Eye High Gloss OPV 2743 Comments: Bull's Eye High Gloss OPV 2726 is a sheetfed high gloss overprint that enhances high-end graphics.
Offered in either 100 or 200 linear meter rolls, the LG High Gloss Finish roll is 57 in.
The areas where the SMART Papers Kromekote Laser High Gloss excelled were on-press performance and printed gloss.

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