One of a group of six protein units (hexamer unit) on the triangular face of an icosohedral capsomere on certain viruses.
[hex- + -on]
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Shikonin also possesses anti-AdV3 capabilities and the potential antiviral mechanism might involve inhibition of the degree of apoptosis and hexon protein expression of AdV (7).
as follows (20): injection of 50 [micro]g adenovirus hexon protein (pure antigen) diluted in Freund's adjuvant.
Positive specimens were molecularly typed, based on sequencing of hexon hypervariable regions 1-6 and inoculated into A549 cells for virus isolation.
For samples with HAdV-positive results, we performed confirmatory testing by using an adenovirus monoclonal antibody-specific immunofluorescence assay (Light Diagnostics Respiratory Panel Viral Screening and Identification IFA Kit; EMD Millipore, Billerica, MA, USA), and we conducted HAdV molecular typing by partial hexon and fiber gene sequence analysis (11,12).
Classification of fowl adenoviruses by use of phylogenetic analysis and high-resolution melting-curve analysis of the hexon L1 gene region.
Hexon, as a major protein of the adenovirus capsid, is known to have region related to virus neutralizing and serotype specificity (Toogood et.
Therefore, in this study, we developed a rapid, sensitive TaqMan probe-based real-time PCR molecular technique targeting a highly conserved region of hexon gene of the HAdVs, has been developed for the detection and of HAdVs virus in urine specimen.
For adenoviruses, the 263 bp product from the qPCR that targeted the hexon gene was sequenced.
According to the company, the article titled "Modification of Ad5 Hexon Hypervariable Regions Circumvents Pre-existing Ad5 Neutralizing Antibodies and Induces Protective Immune Responses" is an example of GenVec's proprietary vaccine technology.
In another comparative study in [36] and [21], the same gene prediction programs in addition to GRAIL II/GAP, HEXON, MORGAN and VEIL were tested on a set of 524 vertebrate sequences ranging in length from 420 to 21720 base pairs.
FILA's new range consists of Intercept, Skylite, Hexon, Surge, Alloy and Racer.