One of a group of six protein units (hexamer unit) on the triangular face of an icosohedral capsomere on certain viruses.
[hex- + -on]
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Hexon genes of the 10 simian adenovirus strains ranged in length from 2,739 to 2,820 nt and from 913 to 940 aa.
Audiovert, creator of Hexon, the world's first customized modular speaker system that combines sonic and visual arts.
HAdV typing was performed by sequencing of HAdV hexon gene hypervariable regions 1-6 ([HVR.
Tenders are invited for Rubber To Wood Adhesive Brand Fevicol Sr-505 Or Hexon Of Resinova Chemie Ltd.
For adenoviruses, the 263 bp product from the qPCR that targeted the hexon gene was sequenced.
Halox * Hexon Specialty Chemicals * Huber Engineered Materials * Huntsman Advanced Materials * Imerys * Lanxess * Lorma Chemicals * Malayan Adhesives & Chemicals * NYCO Minerals * OMG Americas * OxyChem * PQ Corporation, Ineos Silicas Ltd.
An amplicon of 1 223 base pairs was detected using polymerase chain reaction with primers designed to target the hexon gene of FadV-4.
Apollo is said to be planning to merge Lyondell with one of the companies it manages -- Hexon Specialty Chemicals.
The adenovirus isolates were typed by hexon gene sequencing or by a novel adenovirus 14-specific real-time polymerase chain reaction assay.
Multiplex PCR assay for rapid identification of oculopathogenic adenoviruses by amplification of the fiber and hexon genes.
Topics include nucleolar localization of adenovirus core proteins, tandem mass spectrometry, the transforming activities of adenovirus oncogenes, large-scale purification and crystallization of adenovirus hexon, and phylogenetic analysis of adenovirus sequences.
Its viscuous gel migrates through the Hexon channels to relieve pressure around bony prominences.