Containing six subunits or moieties.
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As a benchmark, we will tackle the interaction mode of the ring-shaped hexameric DnaB helicase with its partner DnaC, an assembly that controls the origin of the DNA replication in E.
It is theorized that lobster blood hemocyanin, with a molecular weight of 75 kDa per hexameric subunit, can be substituted for KLH in immunoassay development and antibody production, yielding more sensitive diagnostic tests that produce consistent and accurate results using current laboratory protocols.
Besides C-C coupled oligomeric structures we also found highintensity mass spectra peaks corresponding to tetrameric, pentameric, and hexameric molecules, which formed in the C-O coupling reaction or even two or three C-O coupling reactions.
Hexameric storage proteins during metamorphosis and egg production in the diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella (Lepidoptera).
2+] ions coordinate six insulin monomers to form the hexameric structure on which insulin crystals are based [3].
ZnT8 is a cation transporter highly expressed on the membrane of pancreatic islet [beta]-cell insulin secretory granules (4), where it performs the uptake of the cytoplasmic zinc required to store insulin in hexameric form (5).
The central pores formed by the hexameric assemblies of the major shell proteins, multiple CsoS1 paralogs, have been implicated in facilitating the flux of metabolites into and out of the carboxysome interior.
This often tends to ionise the insulin molecule, which forms a complex with itself to remain in a hexameric structure at the injection site (which is responsible for its extended action).
Each time the mineral nutrient environment of the peanut was changed, the accompanying oxidative stress fragmented some of the GDH polypeptides [13], then the intact polypeptides rearranged themselves to form a new set of hexameric isoenzymes [8, 22, 23], followed by their synthesis of a new pool of RNA (Fig 1).
This hexameric (42 kDa) protein complex was found to depict flower-shaped architecture with protruding petals oriented toward the ER lumen (59).