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An involuntary delay or inability in starting the urinary stream.


An involuntary delay or inability in starting the urinary stream.


Involuntary delay in initiating urination. This symptom may be caused by drugs, such as tricyclic antidepressants, by abnormal relaxation of the detrusor muscle of the bladder, by prostatic hyperplasia, urethral stricture, and other urinary tract disorders.

Patient discussion about hesitancy

Q. Don't hesitate to post even if you know small tips. I’m 24, female and I am addicted to alcohol. I’m wondering if there is any permanent cure for alcoholism. Don't hesitate to post even if you know small tips.

A. Hey, come on! you're still very young. The best way to quit alcohol is by HAVING IN MIND (correct! that's the power of mind) that you WANT to QUIT.

the environmental support will mean a lot, so if you think that you're surrounded by non-supporting people, you have to find the antidote, if it is needed you can move to a new place, with a new environment, and surely with the new supporting groups.

Q. My 5 years old son with autism is hesitant to try with new foods. My 5 years old son with autism is hesitant to try with new foods. His diet consists of goldfish crackers, Ritz bits, Cheese and fruit puffs... that's it. He used to eat fruit, but now he is not willing to try anything. We have had all the GI tests; everything is fine. We give him gummy style vitamins with fruit snacks, thank god he takes those. We need some fresh ideas for introducing food. Any ideas…

A. As your son is rejecting entire food groups, you must consult a specialist. The only thing is that he must have lost on his hunger and he eats what he only likes. You can try like stopping any foods for a day say on holiday and feed on fruit puffs and check if his hunger comes back and he should be eating what is available. Or you can give him different recipes and find if he likes any.

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Ironically, it's for the same reasons that a player on the field would hesitate to tackle the ball carrier that's trying to score on them.
Our advice to all businesses is: please don't hesitate to support charities but do think twice before parting with money without checking credentials first.
It says a great deal about Gordon Strachan and anyone messing him about at Celtic will find he won't hesitate to make his point - and they might find their wage packet light at the end of the week
This dispossession is all the more ironic since Le Klint did not hesitate to publish the instructions for making her hanging lamps, Nordic cousins of Noguchi's famous Akari line.
People with diabetes have an increased risk of heart disease, but many doctors hesitate to prescribe cholesterol-lowering drugs for people with normal or borderline cholesterol, says Helen M.
The next day, Interior Minister Dominique de Villepin told a gathering of local religious leaders that he would not hesitate to deport other preachers from the country who advocate violence, hatred, racism or human rights abuses, The Guardian, a London-based newspaper, reported.
Don't hesitate to ask your fellow coaches, athletes, and especially the media who cover your team to refrain from using such overly descriptive terms that reflect poorly on the sport and your profession.
When Tom and Tim's brother began the recycling operation in Palau, the DeVivos did not hesitate to choose an Excel baler.
If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either Glenn G.
We will not hesitate to deflate and debunk pure political hokum.
The main reasons that they hesitate to buy insurance online are lack of advice, security concerns and the absence of face-to-face interaction.
In the early modern works figures who hesitate over fallen opponents resist martial heroism in ways that allow greater individual variety in their psychological development.