herpetic lesion

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herpetic lesion

A vesicle filled with serous fluid and herpesvirus particles

her·pet·ic le·sion

(hĕr-petik lēzhŭn)
Pathologic abnormality of tissue associated with or caused by the herpes virus.

herpetic lesion,

n See lesion, herpetic.
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3) Lesions frequently destroyed include condylomata, papillomas, molluscum contagiosum, herpetic lesions, flat warts, milia, and other benign or malignant lesions.
The Company's products are formulated into therapeutics that range from the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease, herpetic lesions and oral ulcers, to the severely debilitating oral mucositis which is the major dose limiting factor in radiation and chemotherapy treatment for cancer patients.
Indicators include limiting exposure in clinically threatening situations in which an infectious cause is not ruled out, as may occur if a patient has suspected herpetic lesions in a ward for immunocompromised, newborn, or transplant patients; new clinical symptoms are observed with immunocompromised patients; the need to initiate early treatment; or the risk of passing infection during birth.
Oral herpetic lesions such as gingivostomatitis, oral and lingual ulcers, and conjunctivitis have been described, but are usually associated with immunosuppression or stress attributable to recent importation or crowded housing conditions (12,22,23).
Since communication with the owner ceased before diagnosis, questions about possible herpetic lesions on her or her guest who had been bitten by the monkey could not be answered.