herb-drug interactions

herb-drug interactions,

n.pl See drug interactions.
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Severity of herb-drug interactions range from inconsequential to life-threatening.
Concise review: clinical relevance of drug-drug and herb-drug interactions mediated by the ABC transporter ABCB1 (MDR1, P-glycoprotein).
What's more, using herbal supplements while undergoing chemotherapy could reduce the efficacy of chemotherapeutic agents due to possible herb-drug interactions.
Because our study focused only on herb-warfarin interactions while others were among herb-drug interactions.
CK: Yes, a review of the literature demonstrated that beliefs about herb-drug interactions are mainly theoretical considerations and not clinically observed facts.
Possible herb-drug interactions (which have been explored extensively by Hu et al.
Clinical herb-drug interactions as a safety concern in pharmacotherapy.
The regulation of drug-metabolizing enzymes is a major cause of numerous drug-drug and herb-drug interactions (Guengerich et al.
The council noted that advantages of clinical studies include the preclusion of in vitro and animal studies, and definitive means of assessing the clinical significance of herb-drug interactions.
Prescribers of medications need to inform patients of possible food-drug and herb-drug interactions," added Steven Dentali, PhD, AHPA's chief science officer.
This part also includes three chapters on the principles of herbal medicine, herb-drug interactions and clinical nutrition (food and supplements) written by Lesley Braun, whilst other chapters explore exercise as therapy, the role of social support and detoxification.
Their topics include genetic and cellular multiple drug resistance in a diagnostic and therapeutic strategy in acute leukemia in children and adults, herb-drug interactions and implication in drug monitoring, bacteriophage therapies and enzybiotics as novel solutions to antibiotic resistance, nutrition and tuberculosis, reversing multidrug resistance by the isoquinoline alkaloid glaucine, and finding the genetic solution for cancer in the mechanism of taxol cytotoxicity.