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Antacids, analgesics, antifungals, anticonvulsants, and antiretrovirals are all known to affect hepatic metabolism and may affect oral contraceptive efficacy.
At the moment, in vitro to in vivo extrapolation of cytochrome P450 mediated hepatic metabolism is well established, whereas bridging pre-clinical data on non-CYP mediated metabolism, extrahepatic metabolism and transporters is more challenging.
Biguanides also decrease hepatic metabolism of lactate and have a negative ionotropic effect on the heart, both of which elevate lactate levels (11).
3: Role of Cytochrome P450 Enzymes in Hepatic Metabolism - Relative Hepatic Content of CYP Enzyme 169 Figure App 1.
The technology, in conjunction with human and animal hepatocytes, provides a fully integrated, unique physiologic model that combines uptake and efflux transporters with hepatic metabolism.
We hypothesize that our patient, carrying genetic variant of hepatic metabolism making her particularly susceptible to oxidative stress, developed an abnormal response to a mild toxic insult, afforded by a combination of agents (oral contraceptives + irbesartan + green tea) that normally would not be able to cause damage.
Rifampicin potently induces the hepatic metabolism of COCs, and extra contraceptive methods should be employed.
Although the proposed approach in principle can be applied to the study of any drug undergoing hepatic metabolism, it is specifically designed and presented to aid individuals involved in antidoping analysis.
Our results would imply that there are no significant changes to renal and hepatic metabolism of propofol during open chest surgery in the lateral position.
Moreover, elderly patients might have high offending drug concentrations due to decreased renal clearance, decreased hepatic metabolism, and polypharmacy-associated hepatic drug interactions (7).
Because CRP is synthesized in the liver, we hypothesized that estrogeninduced CRP elevation is related to first-pass hepatic metabolism.
These findings provided another mechanism by which ethanol metabolism alters normal hepatic metabolism of fat.