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It was noted early in the implementation of the DSRS that patients with this procedure retained a superior ability to handle gastrointestinal protein and ammonia loads, and it is still believed that the relatively high hepatic portal perfusion following DSRS contributes to the lower rates of hepatic insufficiency and encephalopathy(9).
Special warnings and precautions: Lactic acidosis can occur due to metformin accumulation or whenever any condition associated with hypoxia, hepatic insufficiency, or poorly controlled diabetes occurs.
Factors triggering simvastatin myopathy Factor NP CK Myalgia Weakness Drugs Colchicine 1 + + Fusidic acid 1 + Verapamil/cyclosporine 1 + Cortisone azathioprine, cyclosporine 1 + Amiodarone 2 + + + Nefazodone 1 + Danazol/renal failure 1 + Clarithromycin 2 + + + Itraconazole/cyclosporine 1 + Itraconazole/gemfibrozil, cyclosporine 1 + Tacrolimus/fusidic acid 1 + Diltiazem 1 + Fibrates 1 + Fluconazole 1 + + Nelfinavir 1 + + Ritonavir 1 + ng ng Indomethacin/renal failure 1 + ng ng Troglitazone 1 + Conditions Diabetes 1 + + Renal insufficiency ng + Hepatic insufficiency ng + Hypothyroidism ng + Muscle activity ng + NP, Number of patients; CK, creatine kinase; ng, not given.
Use is not recommended in patients with moderate to severe hepatic insufficiency because no studies have been conducted in this patient population.
The transplant operation for Kyoko Kobayashi, who suffers from hepatic insufficiency caused by stenosis of bile duct, was carried out after a donor with matching tissue was found.
Due to the unknown effects of increased exposure to ZETIA in patients with moderate or severe hepatic insufficiency, ZETIA is not recommended in these patients.
Administration of GEMZAR in patients with concurrent liver metastases or a preexisting medical history of hepatitis, alcoholism, or liver cirrhosis can lead to exacerbation of hepatic insufficiency.
After liver resection, a degree of hepatic insufficiency can result in reduced levels of procoagulant and anticoagulant factors normally synthesised in the liver.
5% of these patients will experience severe hepatitis due to acute hepatocellular necrosis or hypofunction, which results in hepatic insufficiency and hepatic failure.
Modest increases in caspofungin AUC (19% to 55%) have been observed in single-dose and multipledose studies in patients with mild hepatic insufficiency (Child-Pugh score, 5-6).
Potassium excretion is increased initially upon administration of methazolamide and in patients with cirrhosis or hepatic insufficiency could precipitate a hepatic coma.
The liver metabolizes almost 100% of diclofenac, and there is insufficient information to support dosing recommendations in patients with hepatic insufficiency.