hepatic function

hepatic function (h·paˑ·tik funkˑ·shn),

n the multifarious role of the liver in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, alcohol, and drugs; storage of vitamins and iron; production of bile; and filtering of potential toxins from the bloodstream.

Patient discussion about hepatic function

Q. if a liver has been damaged can it go back to function as normal?

A. the liver is an amazing organ. it's cells divide usually once a year but if it needs, it can recover in a miraculously manner. but it depends on how much damage you did. there is a point that it can go no further. but alcoholism cause cirrhosis. this is scar tissue in the liver- that i'm afraid is not reversible. and most of it's side effects are not too.

Q. if a liver has been damaged can it go back to function as normal?

A. It depends on a variety of liver damage possibilities. some types of liver damage can regenerate - such as after acute hepatitis or after trauma(the liver is an organ that has regeneration capability), however some damage to the liver- such as fatty liver and cirrhosis, cannot be changed. It very much depends on the diagnosis under a microscope.

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