hepatic cyst

he·pa·tic cyst

congenital cyst thought to originate from an obstruction of biliary ductules; may be solitary and range in size from small to enormous; polycystic disease may also occur.
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Key Words: benign nonparasitic hepatic cysts, laparoscopy, congenital hepatic cyst
The I-131 tracer accumulation in the posterior right hepatic lobe on I-131 whole-body imaging thus correlated to a hepatic cyst on both diagnostic abdominal CT and MR scans.
We report a case in which a hepatic cyst mimicked a gastric SMT in a patient who had not undergone a preoperative endoscopic ultrasound (EUS).
Due to the close proximity of intramural cysts in the bowel to surrounding structures such as the liver, the differential diagnosis may also include hepatic cyst and choledochal cyst.
Focal lesions may represent pre-existing donor disease (such as a hepatic cyst or hemangioma), infarct, abscess, biloma, or metastatic disease.
MR imaging in intracystic hemorrhage of simple hepatic cyst.
False-negative serologic results are frequent in patients with CE; 10%-20% of patients with hepatic cysts, especially old and devolving lesions, do not produce detectable specific serum antibodies (1).
Hepatic cysts are extremely common, identified on imaging in > 10% to 15% of the population, and their isolated, simple appearance typically poses no diagnostic difficulty.
Jaundice is usually associated with rupture of hepatic cysts into the biliary tract.
Surgical removal is preferred for pulmonary hydatid cysts and small calcified hepatic cysts.
Nevertheless, its distinction from polycystic kidney disease is based on absence of family history, absence of hepatic cysts, asymmetrical presentation, and small kidney size.