hepatic cords

he·pa·tic cords

liver laminae as seen in sections.
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Liver inflammation is associated with activation of CD68+ macrophages and trigger migration of macrophages into hepatic cords where these macrophages secrete proinflammatory cytokines such as TNF-[alpha] and IL-6 (Kiso et al.
Normally the liver architecture consists of hepatic cords of cells and sinusoidal spaces around the central vein.
Histology of the normal control group showed central vein surrounded by hepatic cord of cells with clear sinusoidal spaces lined by endothelial cells (Fig.
The mechanism of action within the body of the factors first reported as inducing the regeneration of hepatic cells has yet to be fully analyzed, however, as have the factors involved in the creation of hepatic cords during the regeneration process and the maintenance of their function.
Immunohistological staining permits investigation of the structure of hepatic cords.
Stelic's Stem Cell Dynamism Research Team has shown that hepatic cord regeneration in acute liver cell damage is regulated at the in vivo level by a protein called chemokine CXCL10.
Liver tissue samples from the control rats showed normal lobular architecture with central veins, radiating hepatic cords and little collagen deposition (Fig.