hepatic cords

he·pa·tic cords

liver laminae as seen in sections.
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Inset shows prominent hepatocellular necrosis and dropout, and erythrocytes replace the hepatic cords (there is some artifactual formalin pigment [acid hematin] in necrotic hepatocytes).
04 ml) the rigorous degenerative alterations in the hepatic cords and disruption in the sequence of cells around the blood vessels was observed in liver of Larus argentatus.
In present study, untreated Herring gulls did not show remarkable changes in hepatic cords and cells around the blood vessels in liver of Larus argentatus (Figure 3) but in high dose 0.
05 each) On histological examination of group B, the normal hepatic architecture was distorted with loss of classically arranged hepatic cords.
In the histological preparations from group B, general hepatic architecture was disrupted with loss of classical arrangement of hepatic cords.
The dose limiting side effects were seen in kidney but repeated higher doses of cisplatin cause massive hepatic toxicity including dissolution of hepatic cords, focal inflammatory lesions & necrosis.
However, no apoptosis or dissolution of hepatic cords was observed in these groups.
24,25 Current findings also corroborate with those of the earlier studies in which necrosis of hepatocytes, pyknotic nuclei and deranged hepatic cords were reported in fluoride-treated adult rats.
Liver inflammation is associated with activation of CD68+ macrophages and trigger migration of macrophages into hepatic cords where these macrophages secrete proinflammatory cytokines such as TNF-[alpha] and IL-6 (Kiso et al.
The mechanism of action within the body of the factors first reported as inducing the regeneration of hepatic cells has yet to be fully analyzed, however, as have the factors involved in the creation of hepatic cords during the regeneration process and the maintenance of their function.
In addition, the livers showed severe edema accompanied by dilation of the space of Disse, bile stasis within canaliculi and hepatocytes, and atrophy of the hepatic cords.
Liver tissue samples from the control rats showed normal lobular architecture with central veins, radiating hepatic cords and little collagen deposition (Fig.