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Surgery A hand-held surgical instrument with flattened opposing surfaces used to occlude blood vessels for hemostasis

Patient discussion about hemostats

Q. Can I have a MRI of the knee if I have hemostatic clips in the brain?(also called aneurysm clips)?

A. How about a CAT scan of the knee?, I wonder if it would be an appropriate diagnostic tool, I suspect problems with a lateral meniscus.

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I make sure I tell my students this story; they get a kick out of it and I know they will always remember that a "mosquito" when spoken in medical terms, is a hemostat or clamp used for hemostasis.
The increasing prices combined with robust growth in unit sales will lead combination hemostats to a market value of over $190 million by 2016.
Hamza Sajjad has written a Medtech 360 report on this subject entitled US Markets for Surgical Hemostats, Internal Tissue Sealants, and Adhesion Barriers 2015.
Family of Hemostats has consistently proven to be safe and effective with superb absorbability and in vitro bactericidal properties," said Jerome Riebman, M.
Furthermore, the placement of surgical hemostats, internal tissue sealants and adhesion barriers in these situations is complex.
The European tissue sealants and topical hemostats markets are driven primarily by the need for quicker and more effective surgeries," notes the Frost & Sullivan analyst.
Keywords: therapeutic support surfaces, static, dynamic, compression therapy, moist, advanced, interactive wound dressings, wound closure devices, hemostats, tissue sealants, anti-adhesion
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Global Markets Direct's "Hemostats Clinical Trials Analysis" is an essential source of data and information pertaining to product clinical trials being carried out by Hemostats manufacturers, globally.
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Topical Hemostats and Tissue Sealants Markets to their offering.
Market for Hemostats & Tissue Sealants, finds that market earned revenues of $485.