hemorrhagic smallpox

hem·or·rhag·ic small·pox

a severe and frequently fatal form of smallpox accompanied by extravasation of blood into the skin in the early stage, or into the pustules at a later stage, accompanied often by nosebleed and hemorrhage from other orifices of the body.
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Is Early Hemorrhagic Smallpox Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation?
Results of studies of bleeding time, clotting time, and tourniquet tests in patients with early hemorrhagic smallpox were consistent with what might be expected with DIC (6).
Seneca elder and activist in Ohio and Native American studies scholar Mann describes deliberately giving smallpox to the Ohio Indians in 1763, marching the Choctaws into a cholera plague zone during their already genocidal Removal in 1832, sending hemorrhagic smallpox to the High Plains peoples in 1837, and the poisoning of the Cayuses.
In the form of hemorrhagic smallpox, which accounted for a small percentage of all cases, hemorrhages occurred under the serosa in the pericardium, pleura, and peritoneum.
Cases of hemorrhagic smallpox were often confused with meningococcal septicemia or acute leukemia.
Hemorrhagic smallpox, a rarer form involved massive internal bleeding and was almost uniformly fatal.
Pregnant women are more likely than nonpregnant women to have hemorrhagic smallpox (purpura variolosa), a severe variety of the disease (30).
A well-known college athlete dies of hemorrhagic smallpox.