hemodializer, hemodialyser

an apparatus by which hemodialysis may be performed, blood being separated by a semipermeable membrane from a solution of such composition as to secure diffusion of certain elements out of the blood. Popularly called artificial kidney.
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ISO 8638:2004 Cardiovascular implants and artificial organs--extracorporeal blood circuit for hemodialysers, hemodiafilters and hemofilters
1 hemodialysers, hemofilters, and hemoconcentrators
Althin Medical's product range includes the award winning Drake Willock System 1000 hemodialysis machine along with a full range of hemodialysers, ancillary products as well as clinical and database management systems.
Supply of low flux hemodialysers for adult type a - included in a standalone item described in detail in the technical specification published on the purchaser~s profile to the assignor.