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assisting; symbiotic.

helper lymphocytes
see helper lymphocyte.
helper substance
soluble proteins that regulate the responses of other cells to antigens. More properly called cytokine; see also lymphokine.
helper T cells
see helper lymphocyte.
helper virus
one that helps a defective virus to complete its replication cycle in infected cells.

Patient discussion about helper

Q. My Grandmother was recently diagnosied with diverticulitis, do you think she should resume her job as a helper or should she stop working and stay home ,She is in her late seventies? if she should even return to work the day should be cut and the work as well don't you think so too?

A. Diverticulitis is definitely treatable. If your grandmother is of sound mind please let her be active as long as possible. I just retired at 70 but I feel like I could have worked another 10 years. Activity and being needed is the key to staying young.

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