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heiaus (hā·ē·ä·ōōz),

n.pl in the Hawaiian culture, places of power. It is believed that ancient spiritual beings guard these locations and that violation by offenders results in adversity or disease.
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In sum, although archaeologists have observed empirically that heiau are at times oriented precisely north-south or east-west, in the absence of indigenous Hawaiian ethnohistoric texts that refer to preferred orientations, this has been taken to be coincidental.
Prior to our project, nine heiau sites had been reported for this area, largely through Winslow Walker's 1930 survey (Walker, ms.
Our survey methods include detailed plane table and alidade architectural mapping of the stone foundations of Kahikinui heiau (at scales of 1:50, 1:100, and 1:200, depending upon their size).
3) reported seven radiocarbon dates for four heiau studied by them.
That was literally true at the garden, where by the 1970s the jungle had overtaken the Pi'ilanihale Heiau, a massive structure assembled from lava rock that dates back 800 years.
Kahanu Garden Grand heiau and a focus on ethnobotany.
Built by Hawaiian chiefs and kings as temples to the gods, heiaus are lava or limestone enclosures that once contained prayer towers, taboo houses, drum houses, and altars.
But heiaus have also proven vulnerable to centuries of neglect, and preserving and restoring them has not been easy.
Sinoto often has this inspirational effect on others - for no one has done more to preserve Hawaii's heiaus than the Japanese archaeologist.
Early risers can make their first stop a mile south of Kawaihae, at Puukohola Heiau National Historic Site.
Follow the road about 2 miles along a row of ironwood trees to a dirt road, turn left, then follow the washboard track another 2 miles to Mookini Heiau, one of the state's most important ancient religious sites.
Heiau of the island of Hawai'i: a historic survey of native Hawaiian temple sites (Bishop Museum bulletin in anthropology 2).