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having great weight.

heavy chain
see heavy chain.
heavy chain switch
see class switching.
heavy grain feeding
feeding of cereal grain feeds at levels in excess of conventional practice is frequently followed by carbohydrate engorgement, rumenitis and hepatic abscessation. Persistent feeding at levels less than those conducive to lactic acidosis is thought to contribute to the development of left displacement of the abomasum.
heavy horse breeds
heavy metals
lead, mercury, silver, zinc, copper, arsenic, iron.
heavy veal calves
fed on hard feed, weigh >400 lb (182 kg), aged >3 weeks. Called also western veal calves.

Patient discussion about heavy

Q. Any one here who is a heavy drinker or have a friend? Are they never been high?

A. Never been high on drugs but I am HIGH on LIFE :) Being a physician and a Genetics Engineer I would really need to be out of my mind to get high. I have never done it because I know of the medical and genetic problems they cause.

Q. I cant sleep at night with the heaviness in my legs can anyone help Heavy legs and arms that keep me awake all night. I am 24 weeks pregnant and cant sleep at all can anyone help is there something i can buy to help with this

A. doctoradhi is right- you should check it out. do you have edema in your legs? it can also be anemia from iron deficiency.

Q. My brother is a heavy alcoholic. He has very recently been diagnosed with wet brain. My brother is a heavy alcoholic. He has very recently been diagnosed with wet brain. I am wondering what this wet brain is all about?

A. It known as Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome also referred to as wet brain often is seen in later stage alcoholics. This condition shows up on an MRI as a smaller less functional brain. The symptoms such as short term memory loss, inability to learn new things, inability to concentrate or focus could apply to a lot of things. I have never known people actually diagnosed with this. This knowledge I gained through surfing the net.

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The light heavyweight division was a source of medals for the Philippines from way back.
Tickets for Prizefighter International Heavyweights at London's Alexandra Palace on Saturday, May 7 are available from Matchroom Sport priced pounds 35 unreserved, pounds 50 and pounds 60 ringside and pounds 120 VIP - to buy call Matchroom Sport on 01277 359900.
I wanted to fight on the same night because I'm gunning for Haye - he's the heavyweight I want," added Hopkins, who is now 44 and determined to fight on.
Gould had inveigled himself into the good graces of the Boxing Commission and persuaded them to permit Braddock a one-off fight-- another tune-up bout with an up-and-coming midwestern heavyweight named "Corn" Griffin.
The heavyweight division is so fragmented - there are four different world champions - most of the public would struggle to name one of them, and any of them could beat each other.
It was the perfect follow-up to our unprecedented heavyweight championship trilogy, which featured Wladimir Klitschko, Vitali Klitschko and Alexander Povetkin successfully defending their world titles over three consecutive weeks earlier this year.
He's an exciting heavyweight who always puts up a good fight.
Haye is a great young fighter and if he wins the world heavyweight title that is a fight I'd like," said Hopkins.
He's training for a tuneup fight at Staples Center in February and dreaming of a rematch with Hopkins, who recently came out of retirement and announced that he'd like to take on the heavyweight division.
Roy Jones celebrates with his WBA heavyweight champion's belt
If successful, Jones would become the first middleweight champion in the modern era to stake a claim to a feat accomplished by just one man, Bob Fitzsimmons, who knocked out `Gentleman' Jim Corbett in 1897 to become the only middleweight crowned ``world heavyweight champion''.
The Brooklyn born Briggs, 35, continues to thrill boxing fans ever since he won his first-ever World Title from former WBO Heavyweight Champion Sergei Liakhovich last November.