heavy metals

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heavy metals

Metals such as mercury, lead, chromium, cadmium, and arsenic that have known toxic effects on internal organs, such as the kidneys, brain, bone, or retina.

heavy metals,

n.pl metallic compounds, such as aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury, and nickel. Exposure to these metals has been linked to immune, kidney, and neurotic disorders.


having great weight.

heavy chain
see heavy chain.
heavy chain switch
see class switching.
heavy grain feeding
feeding of cereal grain feeds at levels in excess of conventional practice is frequently followed by carbohydrate engorgement, rumenitis and hepatic abscessation. Persistent feeding at levels less than those conducive to lactic acidosis is thought to contribute to the development of left displacement of the abomasum.
heavy horse breeds
heavy metals
lead, mercury, silver, zinc, copper, arsenic, iron.
heavy veal calves
fed on hard feed, weigh >400 lb (182 kg), aged >3 weeks. Called also western veal calves.

Patient discussion about heavy metals

Q. I was told that platinum is used in fragrances for the fullness of the spray. Please tell me more! Three years ago I was diagnosed with off the lab chart levels of platinum in my body. I have no hobby or avenue for exposure other than my work. I have sold fragrances for over ten years. Even the Regional EPA Air Quality person doesnt know where I am getting this. I was told by a health director who made some calls. He told me that platinum is used in fragrances for the "fullness of the spray". Would you please tell me more about this? Thank you!

A. Thank you Joseph83! What list of materials shall I look at? I know that the FDA doesn't regulate these products; also, I wonder if there is a masking name for platinum. I have so much of this in me, it just has to come from somewhere! I'm amazed that the EPA SUPPOSEDLY doesn't know where its coming from either.

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The data for four heavy metals found in sewage-irrigated soils are presented in Table 1, and the data for four heavy metals found in clean-water-irrigated soils are shown in Table 2.
Each heavy metal removal system from Wastech includes a UL listed control panel, NEMA 4 powder coated steel control panel, PLC-based control system with color touchscreen HMI, chemical feed metering pumps, seismic tie-down brackets, and other features.
2006-2010: chelation with oral DMSA, all heavy metals in low end of challenged reference range in late 2010;
This difference can be attributed to the great deal of good conformity development of lavender roots or to the presence of other heavy metals, a phenomenon discussed in some papers.
Due to the obvious importance of ALP, a lot of studies have been published on this enzyme, including its inhibition by heavy metals [9-15].
The analysis was performed concerning heavy metals content (Cd, Pb, Zn, Cu) in the tomatoes (Lycopersicum esculentum) cultivated in three different areas in Romania with various degrees of pollution (I South-East Area, II North-East Area, III North-West Area).
But it isn't necessary to know which heavy metals you have in your body since all of them are toxic.
This pattern is consistent with an inability to detoxify [poisons], especially heavy metals," such as mercury or lead, James says.
S interest in moving away from heavy metals in selected applications for example, some flexible vinyls that now contain barium and zinc.
As ardent Hanshin fans count down for the roaring Tigers' much-awaited pennant title, environmentalists wary of the revelers' ultimate expression of rapture -- a dive into Osaka's Dotombori River -- warn that the waterway is full of toxic sludge such as particles of heavy metals like lead and zinc, dioxins and E-coli bacteria.
The calcium intermediates have made possible the development of Ca/Zn heat stabilizers that are competitive in terms of performance and cost, and free of heavy metals, the company says.