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Protein and mRNA levels of the myosin heavy chain isoforms Ibeta, IIa, IIx and IIb in type I and type II fibre-predominant rat skeletal muscles in response to chronic alcohol feeding.
2000) Lack of Coordinated changes in metabolic enzymnes and myosin heavy chain isoforms in regenerated muscles of trained rats.
After 10 days, the extract-treated cells were able to express a-actinin and myosin heavy chain, but not the other markers.
Mutation screening in dilated cardiomyopathy: prominent role of the beta myosin heavy chain gene.
Force-velocity relations and myosin heavy chain isoform compositions of skinned fibres from rat skeletal muscle.
The sea urchin sperm [alpha] heavy chain (OAD [alpha] family) and [beta] heavy chain (OAD [beta] family) correspond to the Chlamydomonas [gamma] heavy chain (ODA[gamma]) and [alpha] heavy chain (ODA[alpha], respectively, while Chlamydomonas [alpha] and [beta] (ODA[beta]) arose from a single gene by duplication at a certain point of evolution (both belong to the OAD [beta] family).
Three MAbs (3F2D8, 8F9A8 and 5F 19G11) recognize linear epitopes, while the remaining MAb (1F4C4) reacts with a conformational epitope located on heavy chain of all IgG subclasses.
The assay kit that was used, namely "antiserum against human immunoglobulin light chains", recognized ([kappa]) and lambda ([lambda]) light chains both free and bound to heavy chains in intact immunoglobulins.
mu] Heavy-Chain Disease: monoclonal cytoplasmic [mu] heavy chain +, B-cell antigen +, [CD5.
This prompted the authors, Hood and Talmage, to propose the possibility that 10,000 light chain genes, in combination with 10,000 heavy chain genes, could produce 100 million specificities.
For example, more than 25% of heavy chain drug shoppers indicate that they plan to buy more lipstick/lip gloss at chain drug stores in the next 12 months, while only 7% intend to buy more suntan products.
Their topics include therapeutic perspectives involving ferritin heavy chain FtH, race and ethnicity, new findings about cardiovascular dysfunction, and Parkinson's Disease as a perfect target for gene therapy.