heating pattern

heating pattern,

n the measure of heat distribution in the human body or model.
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The matched whey protein gel was used as a model for studying the heating pattern and locating cold spots in microwave-processed beef gravy trays.
BSD Medical also has an exclusive license with the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) that provides a novel variable microwave heating pattern applicable to microwave interstitial hyperthermia.
The relatively large size of the bond region in comparison with the microwave energy wavelength results in standing wave patterns and heating pattern disruptions.
The shape, size, and distribution of the material affect the heating pattern.
Microwave ablation is able to deliver a predictable and reproducible heating pattern that is not influenced by physiological changes in blood flow in the liver," said Dr.
In addition, Martin supplies Duralife Thermally Enhanced Dies, which have a unique heating pattern determined for each die design.
However, since the types of heater used--nichrome wire, calrod, and black-body heating units--had limited functionality, achieving a uniform heating pattern was very difficult.
The new BSD-2000-3D/MR, for example, combines the high technology concepts of 3-D heating pattern shaping, 3-D patient-specific treatment planning and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).
There are five different antenna types and sizes that are part of this new class of antenna, which allows BSD to combine up to 24 antennas into a single applicator and utilize sophisticated heating pattern steering to shape the energy field to the individual tumor.
The development of flexible applicator arrays enable the heating pattern to conform to the curved surfaces like the chest wall.
The UNIX based software computes the optimized treatment parameters for each patient, and the optimized 3D treatment is delivered using the BSD-2000*3D System's ability to adjust the heating pattern size, shape, and position in three dimensions.
Thermion([R]) heaters, with their robust damage and fatigue resistance, dimensional flexibility and uniform heating pattern are ideally suited for aircraft wing ice protection systems.