heat of compression

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heat of com·pres·sion

heat produced when a gas is compressed.
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The Ingersoll Rand Heat of Compression (HOC) dryer also earned a gold award in the compressed air category.
To address these issues, SwRI researchers designed an internally cooled, inline centrifugal compressor diaphragm (patent pending) that removes the heat of compression without the need for external intercoolers using liquid cooling.
Heat of compression temperatures can cause non-uniform thermal effects in the food.
The adiabatic heat of compression and decompression causes food temperatures to increase and decrease almost instantaneously.
Air-X-Changer air-cooled heat exchangers extract the heat of compression from the gases and also cool the engines that power them.
Three large Ecoair T Series oil-free rotary screw air compressors and the same supplier's heat of compression desiccant air dryers supply compressed air for their bottling plant.
Because the high-pressure ratio compression of CO2 results in significant heat of compression, we had to develop a method that would compress CO2 while removing the resulting heat," said Dr.
Reducing energy costs Atlas Copco's ZD with integrated heat of compression dryer has an unmatched specific energy requirement.