hearing disorders

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hearing disorders,

n.pl a structural or functional impairment of the ability to detect and recognize sound.
hearing disorders, indications of,
n.pl symptoms such as an inability to pay attention or respond appropriately to spoken dialogue, heightened focus, increased use of a specific ear, frequent requests for repetition of spoken statements, and abnormal quality of speech.
hearing disorders, types of,
n.pl classifications include a loss of central, mixed, sensorineural, or conductive hearing.

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Q. I hear about Bipolar disorder and I would like to know about this. Hi, this is SamirAuston. I hear about Bipolar disorder and I would like to know about this. Can any one tell me the best bipolar hospital?

A. Hi Samir again, do you know the film "Patch Adams"? This film is based on a true story. Watch this film and listen exactly to the conversations (particularly from Robin Williams). A hospital has a medical staff. You have to learn, how you check a doctor to recognize which one is for you useful and which one you would prefer to put in the trash. Respect them, but avoid them when they are not honest with you. You ask yourself now perhaps, how you can check a doctor? Here I prepared for the Community a recipe:
For the hospital: I would prefer to stay in a hospital on the country-side than in a large city. What about you?

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The Hearing Disorders Partnering 2010-2015 provides understanding and access to the hearing disorders partnering deals and agreements entered into by the worlds leading healthcare companies.
During the event, Dr Mohamed Magdy Zakaria, Head of ENT section at Umm Al Quwain Hospital, delivered a detailed explanation about the screening protocol, mechanisms of hearing tests, importance of early screening, techniques of screening generally, and among children who are more exposed to the hearing disorders specifically.
Many hearing disorders are characterised by the loss of ability to detect speech in noisy environments.
A new report on the most, and least stressful professions, showed that more than half of the 10 least-stressful jobs are in the health care, led by audiologists, who assess and treat hearing disorders.
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In the articles, otolaryngologists, otorhinolaryngologists, geneticists, and biomedical engineers from the US and Europe discuss different forms of gene therapy for use with inner ear and hearing disorders, techniques for gene delivery, and mechanisms of targeting.
Loss of hair cells is the most common cause of hearing disorders in older people.
The upheaval leaves patients with hearing disorders in the lurch, saddened to lose long-standing relationships with their audiologists and wondering if they can continue to receive treatment and services locally, or if they will have to travel as far away as Portland.
Audiology is the study of hearing, hearing disorders and habilitation/ rehabilitation for individuals who have hearing loss.
Lyons, who specializes in inherited diseases in cats, said that single genes often affect radically different parts of a cat's anatomy; the same gene that causes cats to have all-white fur also predisposes them toward hearing disorders, for example.