health systems agency

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health systems agency (HSA)

a body established under the terms of the U.S. National Health Planning and Resources Development Act of 1974. Health planning agencies are intended to provide networks of health planning and resource development services in each of several health service areas established by the Act. Health systems agencies are nonprofit. They may include private organizations, public regional planning bodies, local government agencies, and consumers. See also health systems plan.
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Washington Health Choices Final Report (Seattle: Puget Sound Health Systems Agency, n.
Four of the six projects supported in the first phase of The Prudential Foundation's Community Bioethics Program were dependent, to some degree, upon a state Health Systems Agency.
The Health Systems Agency has provided one important infrastructure for these projects, and its virtual demise due to the elimination of federal funding in 1986 has seriously crippled some promising community health decision projects.
A former president of the Utah Health Systems Agency, he spent seven years as a hospital administrator before entering academics.
Another significant player in the Rochester healthcare market is the Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency, which is the strongest regional hospital regulator in the state.
The application received less than a mandate from the board of Health Systems Agency (HSA) of North Central Ohio when it voted 11-9 to approve the project at its Sept.

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