health insurance

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health insurance

Insurance against expenses incurred through illness of the insured.

medical expense insurance

Health insurance that specifically pays medical, surgical and hospital expenses.

health insurance

Accident & health insurance, accident & sickness insurance, medical expense insurance, sickness Insurance Health financing Insurance that provides lump sum or periodic payments in case of losses occasioned by bodily injury, sickness or disease, and medical expense

health in·sur·ance

(helth in-shŭr'ăns)
A commercial product designed to protect consumers from the financial risks of illness and injury.
Synonym(s): medical insurance.

health in·sur·ance

(helth in-shŭr'ăns)
In the U.S., commercial product designed to protect consumers from the financial risks of illness and injury.
Synonym(s): medical insurance.

Patient discussion about health insurance

Q. what is public health insurance

A. Public health insurance programs in the U.S. provide the primary source of health expenses coverage for most seniors and for low-income children and families who meet certain eligibility requirements. The primary public programs are Medicare, a federal social insurance program for seniors and certain disabled individuals and Medicaid, funded jointly by the federal government and states but administered at the state level, which covers certain very low income children and their families. In 2006, there were 47 million people in the United States (16% of the population) who were without health insurance for at least part of that year.

Q. I need help getting health insurance is it expensive?

A. I am currently looking for insurance too. Do have you applied for public health insurance?


A. Yes, it'll you cost you money, and not a negligible sum, but that's not necessarily means it'll be expensive - the alternative may eventually be much more expensive. We can never know what will happen tomorrow- if something will happen to you or your family (e.g. car accident, cancer or even relatively simple thing as appendicitis), the cost of the unavoidable medical treatment in this case will be much higher than the insurance premium.

Here ( you can find an official governmental guide to choosing health insurance.

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During the war, employers competing for workers found a way around the government's wage controls by offering health insurance in lieu of higher pay.
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Many employers provide health insurance to their employees and their employees' families.
Perhaps most perniciously, high-deductible plans encourage further risk segmentation in the health insurance market.
More than one year after joining the European Union, Poland has seen only one company, Danish International Health Insurance, enter the market, offering comprehensive medical plans for groups of at least three people.
This bill, which sponsors call ``Fair Care for the Uninsured,'' would provide money for the purchase of health insurance - $1,000 for an individual, $2,000 for a couple and $3,000 for a family - each year.
125 cafeteria plan rules, an employee's salary reduction applied to purchase health insurance coverage is not included in gross income; the coverage is excludible from gross income under Sec.
state and federal legislation that affects health insurance
Among the benefits a company can provide tax-free are health insurance, medical expense reimbursement, dependent care reimbursement, disability insurance and long-term care insurance for the employee and his or her spouse and dependents.
The three major reports on Canada, by The Washington Post, The New York Times, and ABC News, used the overcrowding problem as evidence that Canada's universal health insurance program was critically flawed.

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