health information exchange

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health in·for·ma·tion ex·change

(HIE) (helth in'fŏr-mā'shŭn eks-chānj')
Electronic movement of clinical information between networked organizations located within regions or cross country.
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Major players in the market are focusing on various strategies such as product deployments; agreements, alliances, collaborations, and partnerships; new product launches (including product enhancements and product integration); acquisitions; expansions; and other strategies (divestment, accreditation, funding, and spin-off), to establish a strong foothold in the global health information exchange market.
The White Stone Group's products, led by its Trace communication suite, strengthen and complement MEA|NEA's current portfolio of HIPAA-compliant solutions for health information exchange and revenue cycle management.
We've already demonstrated that we can build and deploy a sustainable physician-driven health information exchange.
The Harris solution will connect health entities across Florida - including physicians, hospitals, regional health information exchanges and state government agencies - and provide timely, secure and authorised exchange of patient health information.
Healthcare Informatics: Can you tell me a little about how the Oklahoma Health Information Exchange (HIE) got started and what the overarching goals were?
Martin O'Malley in May, also requires a statewide health information exchange to be up and running by this fall.
Tenders are invited for llinois Health Information Exchange (ILHIE) Technology Refresh.
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 7, 2014-Michigan Health Connect, Great Lakes Health Information Exchange merge
US-based health care benefits company Aetna (NYSE:AET) unveiled today an agreement to buy health information exchange technology firm Medicity for some USD500m (EUR373.

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