health informatics

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health informatics

A term that means variously:
(1) The range of information technology (IT) and information-analysis skills and services required in the NHS.
(2) The application of IT to improve management of patient data, population data and other information relevant to patient care and community health, teaching, biomedical research, and advancing medical knowledge.
(3) The cognitive processes of medical decision-making and processing of medical information, including the technology and communication tasks of medical practice, education and research.
Bioinformatics, clinical informatics, consumer-health informatics.

health in·for·mat·ics

(helth in'fōr-mat'iks)
The practice and technology of collecting, storing, and analyzing health care data electronically and transferring data between computer systems.
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USF Health will be providing students with a world-class education to meet the huge demands and opportunities in the burgeoning field of health informatics.
Tom is uniquely qualified to assume this position, given his enormous experience in his prior role where he participated in a variety of health informatics standards setting organizations, and in his involvement in numerous forums involving discussions of health policy issues," said Donald Nielsen, MD, President, First DataBank.
in Health Informatics is accredited by CAHIIM (Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education).
today announced Saskatchewan Health and Initiate Systems have received the Canadian Health Informatics "Project Implementation Team of the Year" Award granted by CHITTA, the Health Division of Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC).
Having AMIA's annual conference here is significant in recognizing the advances being made in health informatics that will transform health care right here in Chicago.
About NSU's Center for Consumer Health Informatics Research: The center's mission is to make new health discoveries using consumer health informatics (integration of patient preferences, behaviors, and technology) to improve health.
25, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Nova Southeastern University's College of Pharmacy recently launched America's first Center for Consumer Health Informatics Research to deliver health care solutions through social media and cell phones.
The meeting, the IEEE 2407 Personalized Health Informatics Workshop, will be hosted by Motorola and the Mobile Information and Network Technologies Research Centre at Kingston University.
Growing interest in the academics necessary to build a career in the use, management and distribution of this data has spurred the introduction of Ashford University's Bachelor of Arts in Health Informatics.
Staff are specially trained in health technologies and the health domain and undertake a Foundation Degree in Health Informatics as part of their training.
NKU is merging grant funds obtained within the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) with Greenway's solutions to create two certificate programs and related usage throughout the health informatics and health professions curricula.
19 /PRNewswire/ -- Two new ambulatory surgical centers under construction in Northern New Jersey will streamline and improve the quality of care for patients through a partnership with Health Informatics Consulting (http://www.

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