healing community

healing community,

n in behavioral medicine, a group of individuals working in tandem to facilitate repair and recovery. Comprises family members, significant others, and healthcare practitioners representing several disciplines, such as primary care physicians, nurses, psychologists, and social workers.
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More importantly, it was a victory that provided inspiration for a healing community that used this annual holiday gathering to remember, honor and support those impacted by two bombs that exploded near the finish line on Boylston Street and halted the 2013 race.
The of "Christian Concepts for Care: Understanding and Helping People with Mental Issues" is a detailed guide of mental and emotional disorders, offering explanations on how one can work with such disorders in a healing community, on when referrals should be made to professionals, and on how pastors and congregations can work in positive ways to support members during and after treatment.
Dominic's - a Christian healing community called to provide quality, compassionate care and an Exceptional Encounter Everytime.
It has become more sophisticated--and more acceptable in the healing community.
Part I, Healing, describes biblical and theological perspectives on healing, including the role of the church as a healing community.
com's Holistic Healing homepage in recognition of their contribution to the holistic healing community.
The fact that this thoroughly postmodern Mary can find a viable worldview and a healing community in the most institutional of the churches should provide encouragement to readers who struggle to breathe life into their own ecclesial bones.
Taking seriously the call to be a healing community is not for the fainthearted.
Ministries with people facing mental illness offer education, companionship, family support, and public witness, thereby building caring neighborhoods and healing community.
In the spirit of helping the healing community, Spirituality & Health is creating a forum for sharing such information.
A severe attack of pneumonia convinced her to move south, and she chose Sarasota for its warmth, artistic opportunities and large healing community.
Through it, Christ is proclaimed as the Healer of the world, and the church, the living body of Christ, becomes a healing community and incorporates the whole creation into communion with God.
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