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healers (hē·lerz),

n.pl 1. one who heals or who is trained in a healing/therapeutic art.
2. in the traditional culture of the Cherokee, persons who employ prayer, tobacco rituals, and invocation of spirits to restore the health of a person affected by disease. Also called
dida:hnvwi: si(i).
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He also discusses how and where he finds his plants and herbs, offers practical advice on how to approach a healer, and laments the loss of natural habitats where his wild medicines grow.
People are willing to spend money, even if the cost is high, and refer to both modern doctors and traditional healers.
Believing that natural healers where more effective and morally superior to conventional practitioners, she turned to a non-physician "naturopath" against the advice and counsel of her experienced oncologist after having a cancerous tumor removed from her breast.
While Milton Erickson utilized symbolic communication and therapeutic rituals in his counseling, one significant difference between him and tribal healers is that he was not interested in a spiritual dimension.
The report estimated an annual household expenditure on traditional healers of 74.
If you consult a healer, ask about any fees to be charged right at the beginning, get details in writing and pull out if they seem too high.
They prefer to turn to healers and more natural methods, since we are in the midst of this green, organic trend," Jenny says.
com)-- Nurse Kate Loving Shenk, RN BSN, published her first book, Prayer Prescriptions For Nurse Healers, her first in the Prayer Prescription Series, 10/2012.
To be a reiki healer you should have good spoken communication, patience and a friendly manner, a sensitive and nonjudgmental approach, the ability to empathise with clients, accurate record-keeping skills and the ability to inspire confidence in clients.
The husband of the newly-wedded woman said that the healer told them that she was suffering from a demonic possession and magic and that he had to use forces to treat her.
According to Serge Daneault, "The act of acknowledging--owning--that as physicians we are wounded healers could be a turning point for our profession.
Traditional healers are the first to be called for help when illness strikes the majority of South Africans.