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The Picture Perfect Headstone and Markers will be more cost-effective than a conventional version of the same product.
I have really saved and saved for the new headstone and paid for it with no help from anyone.
Her husband Michael Pattemore, 60, designed the headstone in the shape of a theatre stage with curtains at the sides in tribute to her long career.
In the 18 months since the archdiocese began marketing headstones, John Burns Jr.
One of the demolition crew, Oswin Williams said the other two headstones were too badly damaged to decipher any extra information He said: "It's a real shame, I think the other two could be the top half of the same gravestone and we were as delicate as we could be but they were just too badly damaged.
His work, to be published in a series of books, details the people and the stories behind the headstones in Park Street Cemetery - the original cemetery of Pembroke Dock.
Work at Bayeux started in October and finished in February, with the final headstone laid last week.
During the process it was revealed that the wrong headstone had been placed over the grave, with the right one being placed on an adjacent plot.
The concert took place at the Lime Tree Club, in Tile Hill, at the weekend with proceeds going towards a headstone to place on Gerry's grave at Canley Cemetery.
The headstone of Kimberly Walker, 28, was made in the likeness of her favorite cartoon character and erected at Spring Grove Cemetery on Oct.
VANDALISED Headstone in Carnmoney, Co Antrim yesterday
Asking for a proof of the memorial will give you time to think about the headstone and the inscription before the stone is made.