Head movements associated with congenital nystagmus, spasmus nutans, and miner's nystagmus.
Synonym(s): head tremors
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NS is characterized by head-nodding (an atonic form of epilepsy), often followed by clonic - tonic seizures, developmental retardation and faltering growth.
Opener Collect Yourself is a 1990s throwback with a Dodgy-esque feel, catchy chorus and head-nodding riffs.
The enlarged end portion of the pillow legs provides chin support to prevent head-nodding while you rest or nap.
Not from the music, though, which tends to provoke the visceral rushing of adrenalin and a jerkily futile attempt at sympathetic head-nodding and toe-tapping.
As for the judges, Sir Tom doesn't seem to have come into his own yet and is a little too quiet for my liking, Jessie J is downright annoying with her perpetual head-nodding and mouthing of the songs, Will.
One speaker explained to the massed ranks of councillors - who always put their political differences aside to indulge in a bit of solemn, head-nodding indignation with the far-right - that he had been forced to endure "skinheads hanging around on street corners" for the duration of the conference.
As an on stage performer Ghostpoet was a humble host, backed by a durable guitarist and a drummer that provided the head-nodding rhythmic backbone.
Face it, unless you're in the head-nodding, chin-stroking minority who like all that guff - not to mention vegan food and corduroy trousers - art galleries and museums are tedious beyond belief.
Their mix of rock riffs and Greg's dreamy falsetto vocals don't so much sweep you away as grab you by the ears and lift you sky-high, and what started off as head-nodding and feet-tapping soon escalated to full-on boogying.
If you've been living under a rock, just clear your throat and give their head-nodding single "I'd Rather" a spin to see what (or who) is going down.
The Elbow generation have turned it into a forum for droll references and audience head-nodding.
The tender pink beef caused a bit of a stir and some plate-swapping but that was soon overtaken with much head-nodding and chomping in appreciation.