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Seventy percent of head injury sufferers surveyed said that their daytime sleepiness affects their ability to effectively interact with their family and co-workers, and seriously impacts long-term relationships," said Dr.
Many of the cognitive signs of mild head injury are nonspecific and may fall into the categories of what have been referred to as disorders of executive functioning (Posthuma & Wild, 1988).
In the fall of 1989, an appropriation from Congress designated that $15 million be allocated from fiscal year 1990 funds to provide "one-time start-up cost for projects designed to initiate a system of regional (multistate) comprehensive head injury rehanilitation and prevention centers.
No evidence of hemorrhage was present in any of the children, suggesting ophthalmologic exam is not an accurate screening measure for occult head injury in asymptomatic children.
Multiple partial seizure-like symptoms following "minor" closed head injury.
Department of Education are supporting Head Injury Centers demonstrating model systems of care for people with TBI and their families.
SUFFERING a head injury can increase the chance of dying over the next 13 years regardless of its severity, research suggests.
The pedestrian, a 13-year-old boy, was taken to the children's hospital with a head injury.
I've been coaching (soccer) seven years and have never seen a single head injury,'' said Dr.
Muir said: "The head injury has led to a loss of judgment, and this offence could fall into that category.
Malingering and malingering-like aspects of mild closed head injury.