head covering

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head covering,

n a part of an overall contamination limiting strategy, a protective accessory that conceals most of the hair and head
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Veils and other head coverings, for both women and men, have had various meanings throughout history, and it is true that style of dress sometimes signified marital status, purity and virginity, or deference before a deity.
Lyons said the credit union had begun to implement the policy of asking members to remove head coverings and sun glasses as the economic downturn had begun to make robberies more likely.
School authorities, however, said the teacher was only following school policy regarding hats and head coverings.
Canberra, July 5 (ANI): The New South Wales Police will now be given new powers to force Muslim women to remove their head coverings during routine car stops.
Vocollect, the global leader in voice-directed applications for warehouse operations, has introduced a new headset designed to be worn behind the head, making it perfect for users who need to wear a hardhat or other head covering.
The signature kippah, or Jewish head covering, the long beard, the bookish demeanor, the glow of pride over his new temple - there's no mistaking the role of Rabbi Murray Silberling.
In Oklahoma, House Bill 1645, introduced by Republican State Representative Rex Duncan, would prohibit people from wearing any head covering while having their driver's license photo taken.
President Ahmadi-nejad praised Sepahi and called her refusal to remove her head covering "a symbol of championship.
The respondents were shown six pictures showing women wearing a shuttlecock burka, a niqab, different forms of headscarves and one without any head covering.
Many banks around the country have adopted policies banning clients from wearing any head covering because of a rash of robberies by thieves who have worn hoodies to obscure their faces from bank surveillance cameras.
He was a white man, between 5ft 9ins and 6ft 1in tall with some sort of hat or head covering, which was light in colour and covered the side of his head.