hazardous waste

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hazardous waste

Waste material, such as nuclear waste or an industrial byproduct, that is potentially damaging to the environment and harmful to humans and other organisms.

hazardous waste

Occupational health Any unwanted waste product that poses a hazard or potential hazard to human health, which may be generated by a manufacturing process–eg, radioactive gas cylinders, chemicals, pesticides, acids, and liquid or by a health care facility, including regulated biohazardous waste. See Regulated waste, Toxic dump.

haz·ar·dous waste

(hazărd-ŭs wāst)
Debris, trash, or byproducts from dental procedures that pose a risk.

hazardous waste,

n any material, gas, liquid, or solid substance that has the potential to cause injury or illness; that in an unprotected state poses a risk to the environment, including plant or animal life.
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In short, Federal OSHA standards protect all private sector and Federal employees engaged in hazardous waste operations in States without an OSHA-approved plan.
1) The number and composition of hazardous waste sites is not known with great certainty.
As of January 2014, a total of 291 companies in Jiangsu Province had had Hazardous Waste Operating License and they had handled 7.
It is not as if the court is encroaching upon territories of legislature or [government]--it is only protecting citizens' rights guaranteed under the constitution and various laws like the Environment Act," points out Sanjay Parikh, a Supreme Court attorney representing the public interest in the hazardous waste case.
He said alternative methods of treating and disposing of hazardous wastes already exist and are in use in many European states.
The site is an arduous 12-hour truck ride from the Mexico City region, where more than half of the country's hazardous waste is produced.
I certainly didn't know they were burning hazardous waste there," recalls Pope.
State agencies and the EPA are very helpful in determining hazardous waste and how to handle it.
A December 2004 search at the Avenue L-9 property found a 5,000-gallon tanker truck nearly full of toxic hazardous waste, and a drum containing toxic waste was used as part of a retaining wall, state officials said.
The mission of the WETP is to support the development of a network of nonprofit organizations that are committed to protecting workers and their communities by creating and delivering high-quality, peer-reviewed safety and health curricula to train hazardous waste workers and emergency responders.
In 2000, the agency issued an enforcement alert, "Foundry Industry's Hazardous Waste Management of Major Concern to U.
The EPA's position is that, if at any point in the processing of these materials hazardous waste is generated, then the processor is responsible for the safe disposition of these elements.

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