hazardous material

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hazardous material



A toxic material that may cause personal injury or property damage. The hazard of any material is determined by its chemical, physical, and biological properties and by the possibility of exposure to that material.
See: health hazard; permissible exposure limits; right-to-know law
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Many states have no special requirements for driving trucks carrying hazardous materials, so any 18-year-old with a license can get behind the wheel.
reportable hazardous material is first present at the facility;
These Training Tours are an excellent example of industry and communities working together to enhance preparedness for any hazardous materials transportation incident," said Scott Etzel of Dow Chemical Company.
Compare that with the Federal Aviation Administration's 3,028 inspectors -- 132 for hazardous materials alone -- and it's tough not to agree with Brunkenhoefer that "the FRA is stretched too thin.
The hazardous material officer can assist the hospital in saving money by encouraging the reduction of hazardous inventory.
Hazardous material shipments include gasoline, explosives, radioactive and infectious substances, propane, chlorine, acids, ammonia and other poisonous gases.
The DOT defines hazardous materials as any substance or material in a quantity or form that poses an unreasonable risk to safety, health or property when transported in commerce, or any substance that must be placarded when moving in interstate commerce.
Any hazardous materials sent to Sunshine Canyon is moved to other sites.
Harford notes that the 1976 Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, which addresses the proper disposal of hazardous material, categorizes such common computer materials as lead (in glass), mercury, cadmium and arsenic as hazardous materials.
Under the agreement, FISCPH will undertake the management, storage, distribution and assessments of HAZMAT as well as the staffing of four waterfront Satellite Hazardous Material Centers.
These deployment support personnel helped the deploying units with updating data in the Transportation Corps Automation Information Management System, stuffing containers and International airlift/helicopter Slingable container Units, and all aspects of cargo and hazardous material documentation.
How many hazardous material shipments were sanctioned by EAD last year across different entry points?

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