hazard rate

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haz·ard rate

theoretical measure of the risk of occurrence of an event (for example, death, new disease) at a point in time.
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Given that we examine the probability that a subsidiary divestment will occur under the condition that all other subsidiaries are also at risk during the same time period, we employ a Cox proportional hazard rate model as a commonly used statistical method in the event history analysis.
The hazard rate of Double Weibull Distribution (DWD)
With this explanation in mind, we will now focus on articulating theory concerning the expected hazard rate (likelihood) that motor carriers receiving warning flags at the start of the CSA program will come to exit this flagged status.
The hazard rate is defined as the rate in which the duration or event ends (i.
The finding of black former smokers having a hazard rate for lung cancer mortality of 0.
Hazard rate estimate was significantly higher for anaplastic astrocytomas in Quebec (p < 0.
an increase in SSW at all ages) increases the hazard rate at a given age by 0.
The annual bankruptcy hazard rate was defined as that time from when a player's NFL career begins until his first bankruptcy filing.
At the start of a study, the distribution function f(t), the survival function S(t), and the hazard rate h(t) are high, while the cumulative hazard rate H(t) is low.
In contrast, under the cause specific hazard rate framework [17] introduced a semiparametric Bayesian method assuming that each cumulative baseline cause-specific hazard rate function has a gamma prior distribution, and a marginal likelihood function based on data and the prior parameter values was proposed for the estimation of regression parameters by considering cumulative baseline cause-specific hazard rate functions as a nuisance parameter.
Life tables were used to estimate the day-by-day hazard rate (occurrence of mortality in a specific time interval conditional on survival to the beginning of that interval) for 1-day intervals up to 60 days after surgery.