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Max A., U.S. dentist, 1903-1965. See: Pleasure curve.


[L. placere, to please]
The feeling of being delighted or pleased.


Any enjoyable or agreeable emotion or sensation, to the pursuit of which most people, who are free to do so, devote their lives.
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Patton admits it will be difficult if he is to go back to coaching normal athletes after having the pleasure of dealing with Felix.
Having the pleasure of working with the Knight Ridder/Man Roland teams on both The Charlotte Observer and the Akron Beacon Journal projects, we found that the "Large Shoe Horn" (E&P, "Fitting new press into old space," Nov.
In addition to having the pleasure of knowing that my lessons have been effective, I've heard some delightful stories.
Also having the pleasure of a treatment at the spa Stimpson went on to say "From the genuine yet formal greetings as you enter and are walked through processing for your spa experience to the beautifully decorated, warm and lavish treatment rooms.
What a Humble life Experience having the pleasure going Toe 2 Toe with The Biggest name in UFC @thenotoriousmma, van Heerden said.
She told jurors the defendant groped her bum after she carried his suitcase up to his room and later asked her: "Will I be having the pleasure of your company later on?
I've lost count of the bands that I've seen at Trillians both as a customer and also working with touring bands, even having the pleasure of sharing the stage with some of them," he said "Steve Jones and the staff have created a great place to go where people can enjoy fantastic music, a brilliant atmosphere and a multitude of quality live entertainment.
Four trim levels, S, SE, Sport and Escape, made up the range, and it was the top-ranked Escape model with its hill descent control which I remember having the pleasure of spending some time with.
The destinations having the pleasure of pampering Sharma this time around include Melbourne, Hawaii and Tasmania.
For the first time in roughly 40 years, I am not having the pleasure of making Christmas dinner for the family (and assorted friends).
I'm lucky enough to know Jamie personally, having spent time with him at Oliver's gym in Salford and having the pleasure of sitting with him at numerous fights.