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, pl.


(haw-stō'rē-ŭm, -stō'rē-ă),
An organ to absorb nutriment.
[Mod. L. fr. L. haustus, drinking in or draw up]


  1. a specialized development of the end of a HYPHA in parasitic fungi, penetrating a cell of the host and forming a food-absorbing organ.
  2. (in other parasitic plants) the organ that penetrates the host and acts as a food-absorbing organ.
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Its root-like organs, called haustoria, seek out the roots of nearby crops, then rob them of water, nutrients, and life.
infests its host by coiling around the host stem or leaf and sending haustoria into the host's vascular system (Kelly 1992).
The researchers report that a Striga root tip releases an enzyme that they think diffuses through the soil and reacts with a sorghum root to form another quinone compound, which in turn diffuses back toward the Striga root, where it triggers haustoria formation.
These roots develop structures known as haustoria, which anchor themselves into the water and mineral conducting vessels of the tree.