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to remove tissues or cells from a donor for transplantation.


/har·vest/ (hahr´vest) to remove tissues or cells from a donor and preserve them for transplantation.
A popular term for the procurement of a transplant organ or tissue from a cadaveric or live donor


To obtain cells, tissues, or organs for grafting or transplantation, from either a donor or the patient.


pertaining to or emanating from grain or cereal crops or the harvesting of them.

harvest fever
a disease of humans caused by Leptospira spp.
harvest mites
are pests of grain and hay where they are predators on arthropods. The larvae ordinarily parasitize rodents but can infest other animals including humans. The infections are self-limiting but can cause dermatitis of the face and the lower limbs. The lesions are itchy, small scabs, which cause rubbing and stamping of the feet. In pigs the lesions are distributed over most of the body. Called also chigger mites, grain mites, Pyemotes ventricosus, Neotrombicula autumnalis, Eutrombicula alfreddugesi, E. splendens, E. batatas, Lepotrombidium spp., Schoengastia spp.

Patient discussion about harvest

Q. Is it common to get an allergic reaction in the eye from olive harvest? I've been around olive trees for a few hours and now feel like I have something in my eye but there is nothing there. can it be an allergic reaction? I dont get it from eating olives...

A. but in one eye..? that just doesn't seem likely. but i guess there is no reason not to try both treatments....

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Thus, basic Dublin Core records about each OAI repository contained in the registry can be harvested via the OAI-PMH.
These companies are pressured to research where their paper products came from and how they were harvested, says McDonell.
Nontimber products that are harvested yearly, products such as mushrooms, floral items, and medicinals, are a significant source of income.
Forest Service, which was writing permits for collecting the bark, had no idea how much yew the national forests contain or how much can be harvested without endangering the tree.
Although old-growth logs are not exported directly from National Forests, log exports have a profound effect on the market in which old-growth logs are harvested and sold.
and all others similarly situated, whose family members' or loved ones' bodies were illegally harvested of tissue and bone for use in human transplants.
Harvested fruit will be distributed to all the major Bay Area Food Banks: Second Harvest Food Bank (serves Santa Clara, San Mateo & Santa Cruz Counties), San Francisco Food Bank and Alameda County Community Food Bank.
7 billion board feet were harvested in California in 2004, up from 1.
Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes used in the production of sparkling wine are traditionally harvested at lower sugar levels than those used to create still wine.
66 billion board feet was harvested in California in 2003 -- compared to 4.
Harvested vessels from the leg or the arm are used to bypass blocked coronary arteries and restore blood flow in the more than 650,000 coronary artery bypass surgeries performed worldwide each year.