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to remove tissues or cells from a donor for transplantation.


/har·vest/ (hahr´vest) to remove tissues or cells from a donor and preserve them for transplantation.
A popular term for the procurement of a transplant organ or tissue from a cadaveric or live donor


To obtain cells, tissues, or organs for grafting or transplantation, from either a donor or the patient.


pertaining to or emanating from grain or cereal crops or the harvesting of them.

harvest fever
a disease of humans caused by Leptospira spp.
harvest mites
are pests of grain and hay where they are predators on arthropods. The larvae ordinarily parasitize rodents but can infest other animals including humans. The infections are self-limiting but can cause dermatitis of the face and the lower limbs. The lesions are itchy, small scabs, which cause rubbing and stamping of the feet. In pigs the lesions are distributed over most of the body. Called also chigger mites, grain mites, Pyemotes ventricosus, Neotrombicula autumnalis, Eutrombicula alfreddugesi, E. splendens, E. batatas, Lepotrombidium spp., Schoengastia spp.

Patient discussion about harvest

Q. Is it common to get an allergic reaction in the eye from olive harvest? I've been around olive trees for a few hours and now feel like I have something in my eye but there is nothing there. can it be an allergic reaction? I dont get it from eating olives...

A. but in one eye..? that just doesn't seem likely. but i guess there is no reason not to try both treatments....

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Larger EU plantings, estimated to be almost 5% up on last year, could also result in increased price pressure at harvest time.
Mud on roads is a particular issue around harvest time.
At harvest time they had to gather the fruits of their labours by hand - it was back-breaking work.
White said the NFU would work to persuade the Home Office that an easy means of bringing in non-EU migrant labour at harvest time should be retained.
A senior official of the industry ministry Tony Tanduk said harvest time is shorter this year.
What you are reading at harvest time I am writing during planting season, a period of abundant spring rain.
Although changes in average minimum temperature apparently didn't affect the length of the growing season or the size of grains, rice plants that grew during warmer years were smaller at harvest time and produced fewer grains.
Many a time I have gone along eating a piece of bread and meat, or herring (small fish) broiled on the coals--I never sat down at a table to eat except at harvest time, all the time I was a slave.
7 centimeters) in diameter into fingernail-size pieces to decompose on the orchard floor before harvest time.
In Germany, where mast eisweins are produced, freezing conditions at the crucial harvest time are iffy.