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Denoting, in a complex sound, a mathematic relationship among the frequencies of the fundamental tone and its overtones so that the frequencies of the overtones are whole number multiples or partials of the frequency of the fundamental tone; the resulting auditory effect has a musical or pleasant quality, as opposed to noise. See: noise.
[G., L. harmonia, agreement, articulation, fr. harmos, joint]


Agreement, balance, or compatibility.

functional occlusal harmony

Ideal occlusion of the teeth such that in all mandibular positions during chewing the teeth function efficiently and without trauma to supporting tissues.
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The good stuff is like the harmonies in barbershop.
By appropriating only the opening, majestic statement of a composition which, through its own noble sounds - and, indeed, noble discord - counters the insidiousness of facile harmonies and their attendant despair, Lee has inadvertently reinscribed the very cultural dynamic that his work generally so clearly, and effectively, seeks to oppose.
Coupling theophanic revelation with a firm negation of the facile harmonies of American life, Coltrane's music decisively limns the possibilities of the human spirit within the "open road" of musical expression, as it were.