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The electronic component of a computer.


the tangible parts of a computer, such as chips, boards, wires, transformers, and peripheral devices. See also software.


Informatics The electronic and mechanical, non-software components of a computer–eg, central processing unit, monitor, disk drives, keyboard, 'peripherals'–eg, printer, modem, scanners Orthopedics Any device–eg, nut, bolt, pin, plate, screw, and wire placed in bone to stabilize a fracture or to anchor a prosthetic joint. See Bone glue.


n the mechanical, magnetic, electronic, and electric devices or components of a computer.


metallic foreign bodies in the reticulum of ruminants, especially in dairy cattle, and the cause of traumatic reticulitis.

hardware disease
traumatic reticuloperitonitis.

Patient discussion about hardware

Q. Has anyone had a spine fusion that failed? Or hardware that failed?

A. Haven't experienced it myself, but here (http://www.spine-health.com/forum/treatments/back-surgery-and-neck-surgery) you may find a discussion about it.

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These combined test activities could be supplemented with small, dedicated OT events as meaningful increments of technology are spiraled into production hardware.
Regardless of the underlying hardware, client computers will be able to be pooled, much as is already done with virtualized servers and storage.
If virtual machine solutions continue to increase in number and sophistication, they could very well free developers, administrators, and end-users from the frustrations of hardware dependence and platform migration.
For years we've recommended replacing hardware every three years; we've since extended that cycle to four years or more since today's computers can effectively operate most office applications.
An emulator of gen-i hardware captures the behavior of that hardware for all time, thereby ensuring that gen-i software will always have the virtual hardware it needs to run correctly.
Retail expert Nate Franke, who heads the retail division of Deloitte & Touche, said it is the younger segment of the boomer population that stores like Restoration Hardware are targeting.
Hardware can help support all of these form factors by also providing the same capabilities across a range of products.
Hardware requirements: 512Kb RAM, hard disk with at least 10Mb free space; printing of proforma/organizer requires laser printer.
Table 3: Russia Computer Hardware Market Segmentation II: % Share, by Value, 2005
You have specifically identified a hardware bottleneck, in which case you should be choosing a hardware resource that addresses that problem (processor, memory, or Solid State Technology).
Table 2: Czech Republic Computer Hardware Market Segmentation I: % Share, by Value, 2005
Due to its initial shortcomings and the ensuing dominance of hardware RAID in the marketplace, host-based RAID has long been viewed as an inferior, low-end solution, unsuitable for enterprise-level storage demands.