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Arthur, English biochemist and Nobel laureate, 1865-1940. See: Harden-Young ester.
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Hardening off can be done in one of two ways: either in a cold frame where you can simply lift the glass up and down or by putting the plants out during the day and bringing them in at night.
For plants that have been nurtured in a glasshouse or other protective environment, it is not wise to rush the hardening off process as one cold, wet night outdoors could ruin months of loving care s now have been grown in very sheltered conditions under s 2 Divide and conquer - now that many spring plants have given us a wonderful display, it is time to thing about lifting, dividing and replanting them - Pulmonarias and Primulas are two that really respond to this treatment BLOOMING: Hawthorn Blossom, a stunning herald of spring but also an indicator of warmer weather on the cards
Hardening off is the process whereby plants grown in a sheltered environment are gradually subjected to harsher conditions, so that when they are transplanted into their final position outdoors they can withstand adverse conditions, even a frost.
Hardening off is important when it comes to growing tomatoes outside, and ones grown in this way are better than those grown in greenhouses during most seasons.
Pot up rooted cuttings of chrysanthemums and plant out well rooted plants after hardening off.