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She could see the cloud-drift in his eyes deepening and his face hardening in the way she knew so well when he was vexed.
His face was hardening - the lines in his face deepened.
Slavery is not a whit the more endurable because some hearts are to be found which can partially resist its hardening influences; nor can the indignant tide of honest wrath stand still, because in its onward course it overwhelms a few who are comparatively innocent, among a host of guilty.
Radiation hardening is the act of making electronic components and systems resistant to damage or malfunctions caused by ionizing radiation such as those encountered in outer space, high-altitude flights, around nuclear reactors, particle accelerators, during nuclear accidents or nuclear warfare.
52 equivalents per one equivalent of hydroxyl group of the component, and wherein the paint composition is hardened solely by baking, not hardening by ultraviolet radiation, such that the Young's modulus of the hardened paint film obtained from the paint composition is not more than 1.
Fiber laser is expected to be suitable for surface hardening of carbon steels, because the wavelength of radiation produced by laser diodes can be efficiently absorbed by iron-based materials [10].
The electron beam hardening is a high performance procedure of surface thermal treatment, very little industrially used in work-piece surface hardening due to insufficient knowledge of the adequate working conditions.
GUC is an important partner and has done an outstanding job hardening the Diamond 108Mini," stated Chris Rowen, president and CEO of Tensilica.
When we add to this hardening market the overall economic slowdown in which companies are seeking to lower costs, it's fair to say that agents and brokers will face new selling challenges in the months and years ahead.
Mold steels include Impax Supreme, P-20 modified, premium-quality, pre-hardened grade with reportedly excellent polishing and photo-etching properties; Orvar Supreme, H13 modified, through-hardening mold steel said to have excellent machinability, polishability and toughness; and Compax through hardening steel with good toughness at high hardness and moderate wear resistance.
It is one of the few reinsurers in a good position to benefit from the price hardening that's going on.